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20-photos event photography services provide guests with the opportunity to buy and take home photographs on the evening of the charity ball or event. We attend most charity balls and events for FREE (No attendance Fee). We make our money from photographs sold at a charity or fundraising event. Where charities and fund raisers work with us to maximise revenue from photography from an event, we offer generous commissions or donations back to the good cause or charitable organisation.

To find out more about our Event Photography Services and whether we are able to attend your charity ball or event, please visit our Services section or Contact Us

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Charity Ball Event Photographers in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster in South Yorkshire.
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The Headline Act
We are happy to work with charities to capture images of anything which is organised at a charity ball. Whether your event has a headline act like The Drifters or even a local band, we are happy to help.
Charity Ball Event Photographers in South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

Charity Ball Event Photographers in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.
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The Sheffield Steelers
Well organised charity events often have themes, and this one was no exception. The team at the Steelers submitted a decorated shoe and won an award from the organisers of a charity event to raise money for a local Children's Hospital.
Charity Ball Event Photographers in North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.

Charity Ball Event Photographers in  Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.
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The Promo Girls
All fundraising events need a hard working team. Whether your team has done all the hard work and preparation before an event or are  key to making sure a charity event runs smoothly, our charity ball and event photographers can work with them to make more money for your good cause.
Charity Ball Event Photographers in Nottinghamshire.

Charity Ball Event Photographers in Derby and Derbyshire.
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The Compares
Making money on the night of a ball can make the difference between a reasonable fundraising event into a great one, especially if you have the right compares involved. Our charity event photographers work with compares (regardless or their preference in foot attire!) to make sure your guests part with their money for your good cause a little more readily than you may expect. 
Charity Ball Event Photographers in Derbyshire

Charity Ball Event Photographers in Lincoln and Lincolnshire.
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The Charity Auction
Charity auctions are key to making money at a charity or fundraising event. Our charity event photographers can provide additional items for your auctions or other ways to generate income from your guests. Whether it is a signed photograph of celebrities attending your ball or a "donation" from guests having their photograph with a celebrity attending your event, our photographers can help. 
Charity Ball Event Photographers in Lincolnshire.

Charity Ball Event Photographers in York, Hull and North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.
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Recognising the Effort
People commit lots of time and effort to charities and fundraising. The larger charities and fundraising events recognise the efforts of individuals and organisations with a wide range of recognition and appreciation awards. Our event photographers are always on hand to capture that moment.
Yorkshire Charity Ball Event Photographers
Geographic Coverage

We are based in the North of England, but welcome enquiries for our services from all areas of the United Kingdom ( UK ).

We predominantly offer our services in South Yorkshire (S Yorks), West Yorkshire (W Yorks), East Yorkshire (E Yorks) and North Yorkshire (N Yorks), Derbyshire (Derbys), Nottinghamshire (Notts) and Lincolnshire (Lincs) areas.

Example places include: Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Halifax, Derby, Nottingham, Kingston Upon Hull, Ripon, Harrogate, York, Lincoln, Chesterfield and Mansfield, to name but a few!


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