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Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

20-photos have developed a range of sponsorship opportunities for commercial organisations that target specific types of individuals.

Our event photography advertising and sponsorship opportunities provide organisations with a range ways to communicate key messages and information about brands to niche audiences. These opportunities are linked to the events we cover and the type of people we deal with on a weekly basis either at events, or who visit and purchase from our web sites.
  Key Benefits of our Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities include:
  • Campaign Flexibility - If you want to be a little more creative, our packages allow you to communicate different messages, at different stages in the buying process, for different periods of time.

  • Opportunities to suit your needs - Our various sponsorship opportunities can be purchased individually or as various packages. The larger the package, the more discount you would receive on your sponsorship order.

  • Longevity of Message / Brand Exposure - In today's society, consumers are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands of marketing messages on a daily basis. These messages often get lost and easily forgotten. Our sponsorship opportunities offer exposure for various periods and one particular sponsorship option can keep a brand or message at the forefront or someone's mind for over a year.

  • Targeted - The events we cover attracts a specific type of individual. Whether it is linked to their education, their employment, their hobby or sporting interest, our sponsorship opportunities target attendees of indoor and outdoor events sharing a common interest. In terms of value and advertising wastage, this is cut to a minimum as our packages aim to communicate key messages and improve brand awareness at events at specific locations and different stages of purchasing of our products and services.


To find out more about or advertising and sponsorship opportunities, in the first instance, please send us an email summarising the following:

  • Your Name, Position, Landline and Mobile Contact Number
    Organisation's name and web site

  • Overview of the Product, Solution or Service your organisation offers

  • Your Target audience

  • Overview of any current or imminent campaigns


On receipt of this email we will contact you and explain the various opportunities available or suitable for your target audience. In order for us to deal with your enquiry efficiently and effectively, please make sure you include your work and mobile number as well as your work email address.

Geographic Coverage

We are based in the North of England, but welcome enquiries for our services from all areas of the United Kingdom ( UK ).

We predominantly offer our services in South Yorkshire (S Yorks), West Yorkshire (W Yorks), East Yorkshire (E Yorks) and North Yorkshire (N Yorks), Derbyshire (Derbys), Nottinghamshire (Notts) and Lincolnshire (Lincs) areas.

Example places include: Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Halifax, Derby, Nottingham, Kingston Upon Hull, Ripon, Harrogate, York, Lincoln, Chesterfield and Mansfield, to name but a few!

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